ASTYM is the safe and effective answer for tendon and connective tissue pain. Achilles tendinitis, Plantar fasciitis, Patellar tedinopathy, Shoulder tendinitis, Tennis elbow and Golfer

What are tendinopathies?

Chronic tendinitis or the medical term tendinopathy refers to damaged tissue that develops as the result of an inadequate healng response of damaged tendon.  The damaged structure in the tendon is the cause of pain and not inflammation.  Rest, anti-inflammatiories, and steroid injections provide only temporary relief because the problem is not the inflammation.  To create lasting healing, the underlying problem must be addressed.

  • ASTYM addresses the underlying pathology at the site of the pain.
  • ASTYM facilitates tissue turnover and stimulatera the remodeling and regeneration of the scarred, fibrotic and degenerated tissue.
  • ASTYM jump starts the healing process rather than only mediating the inflammatory process.