The McKenzie Method is...

  • A comprehensive evaluation, treatment and prevention approach to spine rehabilitation.
  • A philosophy of active patient involvement, manual physical therapy and specific exercises.
  • A treatment based system that determines the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan for each specific patient.
  • The Assessment a well-defined algorithm that leads to a classification of your specific spinal problem and pain.  The assessment is based on a “cause and effect” relationship between how your pain changes in response to repeated test movements of your spine.  The end result is your underlying disorder can be quickly identified through this testing and provides the therapist with a consistent means of determining the appropriate physical therapy treatment for your spine.
  • The Treatment emphasizes patient involvement and education. This promotes a rapid restoration of function and independence.  The number of clinic visits is minimized by giving you the right exercise plan along with the right hands-on techniques in the clinic. Ultimately most patients can successfully treat themselves when provided the necessary knowledge and tools.
  • Any patient with back pain, neck pain, sciatica or a radiculopathy will benefit from a McKenzie Method evaluation.
  • Using the McKenzie Physical Therapy Method our therapists are able to rapidly give a diagnosis, establish a prognosis and establish a treatment plan for each patient.